Skyler London Colour Conditioners

Our Skyler London colour conditioners are exclusively created by our Colour Experts in the salon. The colour conditioners are bespoke to your hair colour to help pro-long your shade and keep it looking fresh. Below are some of our favourite mixes but our Colour Experts will be happy to provide information on the best colour conditioner for your hair and mix it up in the salon exclusively for you!

Violet Conditioner

  • This one is perfect for blondes or people with naturally white hair who want to neutralise any unwanted yellow tones that can come from the environment. It can also be used to maintain a dyed purple hair shade.

Rose Gold Conditioner 

  • This is ideal for anyone who wants to give their hair a slight gold tint. This will only work on naturally light hair colours or pre lightened shades.


Pink Conditioner 

  • If you want to maintain your pink hair colour then this one is for you! It’s also great for anyone who wants to add a fun temporary shade to their naturally light or bleached hair for the weekend.


Dark Green Conditioner 

  • If you want to neutralise any unwanted red undertones in your coloured brown hair, this one is for you.


Dark Brown Conditioner 

  • For those who find their brown hair colour fades quickly, this one is perfect for topping up your colour between salon visits.


Blue Conditioner 

  • This is perfect to neutralise any orange undertones in your hair.


Yellow Conditioner

  • This one is really great for anyone who is wanting to maintain their bright yellow hair colour!

Orange Conditioner

  • If you have copper coloured hair, this one will keep your colour looking fresh between salon visits.