Blondes – Top Tips



If you’re thinking about going blonde, here are my top tips to consider…

1 Light eyes

When advising guests on their hair colour, the main factors we consider are their eye colour and skin tone. Someone with lighter eyes and lighter skin may find it easier to go blonde in comparison to someone with darker eyes and darker skin, as their natural base colour will be quite dark, making it trickier to lift. Whatever your natural colouring might be, we would always advise that you come in for a consultation to discuss your colour and to make sure that your desired outcome is achievable.

2 A softer blonde

Do you want to go lighter but you don’t want people to notice you’ve coloured your hair? Well, you can always opt for a softer, more textured blonde and this can be achieved by introducing darker tones throughout the hair. I particularly like Fluid Hair Painting or Balayage for this. Have a look at our menu if you get a chance, it will give you more details on the techniques, the benefits and the upkeep.


Before colouring your hair it’s important to take into consideration the maintenance, especially when going blonde. As with any hair colour, after some time you will eventually notice your roots coming through. We have developed a technique called Quick Roots which is designed to top up your root colour between full colour visits. It’s a quick, convenient service and is perfect for disguising roots for a short period of time.

It’s important to know that if you naturally have very dark hair this service may not be suitable for you as darker hair is more difficult to lift, even when only doing the roots.

Talk to us if you’re interested in Quick Roots, we would be happy to advise if this could be good for you.

4 Super sassy blonde

If you are looking for quite a noticeable change and you’re wanting to go really blonde, we have created the ultimate highlight service called Super Full Head. These are fine weave, high density highlights – perfect for any guest wanting to be super blonde.

Another good option for going really blonde is Bleach. Although this is an amazing colour choice, you will probably have to tone the hair more frequently, as bleached hair is at a higher risk of being effected by elements such as the sun, wind and minerals naturally found in water.

The natural pigmentation of your hair will play a part in how well your desired tone will last. If you want more information on this, have a look at this article which explains the reason for toners.

5 Conditioning

The last point to discuss is the condition of your hair. If you’re going to be blonde you are going to need to invest in the condition of your hair. Nowadays, products and technology are much better than they used to be but there are still things that should be considered when thinking about the condition of your hair.

Things such as: Do you need to wash your hair that often? Do you need to blow dry it that frequently? Would you invest in an occasional deep conditioning treatment?

Making minor changes such as these can drastically improve the condition of your hair. I would advise speaking to one of our colourists on your next visit about conditioners and treatments that could be good for you and your hair.

I really hope you found this useful in determining if you should become a blonde bombshell! Personally, I love experimenting with colour and playing with the way I look. I’ve had many colour changes but I always come back to blonde hair in some way 🙂