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Elena Arrobbio

After You’ve Had Your Professional Hair Colour Done?

When doing our research for setting up Skyler London, one of the main “gripes” that people had about having their colour done was they didn’t always like paying for a professional blow-dry afterwards. If they were going somewhere special it was OK, but sometimes they might end up paying an additional £40 – £70 extra for their blow-dry.

So after much thought we have decided to offer three options for what can happen once you have had your colour done.

Option 1: Our Self Dry Zone

This is an area where you can go and blow-dry your own hair. We know people don’t like being watched while they do this, so we have designed some really cool booths where you can do this away from prying eyes. We supply you with GHD Driers and Irons. We’ll even give you tester products so you can try out new things on your hair.

All of this is complimentary.

Option 2: Our Blast Zone

I love this idea. We’ve set up an area with some powerful wall driers to help you make your hair colour shine. You simply stand under them and blast your hair dry. In testing, we’ve seen people drying their hair in less than 5 minutes. And particularly of you have straight hair, the results can actually be pretty good.

Again, this is complimentary.

Option 3: A professional Blow-dry – £35

Again in research, we found that some people really did want a professional blow-dry. They want it done properly – not a “rough dry” from a trainee, but a professional blow-dry from a professional stylist. So we have an option t book an professional blow-dry for a fixed amount of £35. You can either check availability for this in the salon or you can prebook this when you are making your appointment.

A professional Blow-dry – £35 – without a colour?

You are welcome to have a Blow-dry at anytime on a stand-by basis for £35. This means you can just pop in and and check availability. You can’t book a blow-dy in advance unless it is part of your colour service.


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