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What it is – This is a ROOTS ONLY Bleach application. For appointments, call us or book online today.

Who it is for
This is typically for people who already have their hair bleached, but need their roots to re- bleached. The amount of roots needs to be 2 CM or less – If your roots are longer than this, you would need our Long Bleach Regrowth. If it is your first time bleaching your hair, you will also need to have our LONG BLEACH REGROWTH technique.

Unique technique
We start this process by putting a protective lotion onto the scalp. We then apply the bleach in fine methodical sections throughout the head. We pay careful attention to open the sections to ensure the bleach has space to oxidize. We then finish the process using a personalised toner.

This is typically a HIGH level of commitment. It would be usual, depending on tone choice, to have your Bleach done every 4 – 6 weeks. If you have darker roots, your regrowth will show through extremely quickly.

Bleaching gives a super dynamic result. It is a truly powerful and empowering colour technique. It’s also a fabulous base for those wishing to ‘play’ with gorgeous coloured toners and silk baths. If you get a moment, have a look at our Silk Bath Video.

Your toner is included in your price.

Kaleidoscope Plan:
Bleach regrowth is covered by Amethyst & Byzantium

When you book your colour at SKYLER LONDON, you are not required to book a blow-dry as you have complimentary use of either our self dry zone, or our blast zone saving you both time and money.


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