Brazilian Blow-Dry – Short - £160

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What it is – This is a devolumising technique that devolumes, defrizes and generaly tames wild, frizzy or bushy hair. For appointments, call us or book online today.

Who it is for
A Brazilian keratin blow-dry is perfect for people who have frizzy or untamed hair.

Unique technique
Firstly we cleanse the hair using a specific sulphate free shampoo. This is carefully emulsified to open the hair cuticle as much as possible. For resistant hair, we would wrap the hair in a hot towel. We then rough dry the hair, again encouraging the cuticle to open. Then working in fine sections we apply our Brazilian Blow-dry lotion. This is carefully and methodically blow-dried. We then seal the hair using ceramic irons.

Normally the commitment level for a Brazilian blow dry keratin treatment is LOW.
Typically you would have this done every 12 – 16 weeks – there is no ‘regrowth’ as such, but the hair eventually returns to its unruly state.

Long or Short:
If your hair is jaw length or above – this is short.
If your hair falls below the jaw line – this is long.

A good Brazilian blow-dry that is well done can be genuinely life changing for people with wild or untamed hair. It makes it easier to manage, it makes it look more shiny and healthy. A Brazilian Blow-Dry can be combined with colour. The colour must be applied before the Brazilian blow-dry process. A Brazilian blow-dry can slightly lighten your hair, so its worth keeping this in mind when choosing your colour. A Brazilian Blow-dry not only makes your easier to manage but helps your colour look amazing too.

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