Classic Full Head Highlights - £170

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What it is

This is full head of medium weave and medium density highlights.For appointments, call us or book online today.

Who it is for

This is typically for people who want their hair to be lighter and want the perfect blend of upkeep and commitment.

Unique technique

Our Skyler London Highlighting techniques are designed to ensure your highlights work with your natural growth patterns. Our system ensures that whichever way your hair moves, your colour looks perfect. Special attention is given to working around your hairline. The way we insert your foils also helps to ensure that your lights are clean and as close as possible to the roots, meaning that your colour will last even longer. With classic head of full head highlights, whichever way you move your hair, you colour will always look consistent.


This is typically a medium level of commitment. It would be usual, depending on colour choice, to have your highlights done every 12 weeks.


Lighter hair without, too much commitment. Highlights are always a beautiful option for those of us who love to be lighter.


Your toner is included in your price.

Kaleidoscope Plan:

Your “Classic Full Head Highlights” are covered by, Amethyst and Byzantium


When you book your colour at SKYLER LONDON, you are not required to book a blow-dry as you have complimentary use of either our self dry zone, or our blast zone saving you both time and money.


Never worry about paying for your colour again with our fixed monthly direct debit plans. Choose one to suit your needs.
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