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What it is – A quick fast way to reduce white or grey hair. For appointments, call us or book online today.

Who it is for
This is for men who typically have 25% or more grey hair and who want to naturally reduce this.

Unique technique
Quick Men’s is done completely at the basin are, so no sitting in the salon with colour all over your head. The skin is protected using a barrier cream to reduce any tell tale signs on the skin. The colour is applied after the shampoo, in fact the whole process looks like you’re just having a long shampoo. The colour is only on the head for up to 10 minutes.

Normally the commitment level is LOW for this technique.
Typically you would have this done as and when needed. The colour fades out over a few weeks meaning there are no “roots” to worry about.

This is a fast but effective way to disguise those irritating grey hairs. I think of this as a colour for men who don’t want to look like they have a colour. It simply reduces the amount of grey. It’s fast and natural and best of all – no regrowth to worry about.

Kaleidoscope Plan:
Quick Mens is covered by Indigo, Amethyst and Byzantium

When you book your colour at SKYLER LONDON, you are not required to book a blow-dry as you have complimentary use of either our self dry zone, or our blast zone saving you both time and money.


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