Quick Roots - £75

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Who it is for

This is for people who have a medium to light base colour. They want an interim “touch up” or a quick roots regrowth. This could be someone who normally has highlights but perhaps doesn’t need or want highlights done right now.

Unique technique

We apply a specific lightening oil methodically and systematically through the roots of the hair. The viscosity allows us to apply this much faster than a normal regrowth colour. Once the colour is applied, waiting time is a maximum of 20 minutes.


Normally the commitment level is HIGH for this technique.
Typically you would only have this once in between your normal colouring service. As with all all-over lightening colours, you will notice your regrowth hair coming through within a few weeks.


This is a quick and cost effective way to disguise those emerging roots. Perfect if you are going somewhere special but you re not ready for a full on colour just yet.


Your toner is included in your price.

Kaleidoscope Plan:

Quick Roots is part of Indigo, Amethyst and Byzantium


When you book your colour at SKYLER LONDON, you are not required to book a blow-dry as you have complimentary use of either our self dry zone, or our blast zone saving you both time and money.