Silk Bath - £35

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What it is – Silk Bath is a beautiful temporary colour. For appointments, call us or book online today.

Who it is for

This is for people who like to have fun with their colour.

Unique technique
Exact colour tone is personalised to suit each individual. Colour is applied at the basin. Colours can be super vibrant or toned down with gentle pastel shades. Silk baths work on a light base. So depending on your desired effect, you may need to have some or all of your hair lightened first.

The silk baths are low commitment and typically last for between 6 & 15 shampoos depending on your colour choice and the porosity of your hair.

This is a quick and very effective way to have a dynamic hair colour, and offers you the chance to have new and varied shades and tones each time you have it done.

Kaleidoscope Plan:
Silk Bath is covered by Indigo, Amethyst and Byzantium

Special note:
Your personal prescription silk bath can be available for you to take home and use yourself in between visits.

When you book your colour at SKYLER LONDON, you are not required to book a blow-dry as you have complimentary use of either our self dry zone, or our blast zone saving you both time and money.


Never worry about paying for your colour again with our fixed monthly direct debit plans. Choose one to suit your needs.
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