Great Lengths Transformation Fiona & Steph

Fiona's Request

From neon pink to violet purple, long time Guest Fiona is known for colouring her hair a multitude of beautiful, bright colours! 
During her consultation, Fiona explained how she is currently growing out a pixie cut and a Scalp Bleach. She loves her vibrant colours, however, was concerned about frequently bleaching her hair. 

The process behind Fiona's Bond Extensions

With the help of Steph, Fiona decided to have Bond Extensions, as this would give her more length and weight with the freedom to enhance her creative colours. Once she matched the Bonds to Fiona’s existing hair colour, Colour Genius Steph worked with Fiona to create a palette of stormy blues and purples.

Dying a small section of the extension a deep-sea blue, Steph has given Fiona a pop of colour that she’s always wanted! Steph then focused on applying a section of Bonds around the back and front of the hair; adding weight and length around the hair to give the illusion of density. 

“I do really love having the vibrant colours and extensions was a great way to do that. I’ve never really experiment with a blue strike, like I’ve got right now, and I’ve had it put in as an extension and I get to keep my bright colours and grow my hair”. 

 Fiona, Bond Extensions.