Kaleidoscope Terms and Conditions

Kaleidoscope is a Monthly Direct Debit scheme to help regular colour clients manage the cost of keeping their colour perfect at all times.

Your Kaleidoscope plan, entitles you to one service per visit, but your number of visits is unlimited. So you really can come in as often as you like.

You can sign up in salon or on our website at www.skylerlondon.com

Your Kaleidoscope benefits start as soon as your payment has been accepted. You can therefore use your benefits on the day you sign up.

We will post out your physical Kaleidoscope Card within 5 working days.

Your Kaleidoscope benefits are not transferable to any other person.

Payments will be charged to your Credit Card on a recurring monthly basis.


You can cancel your membership at anytime by giving ONE months notice in writing. Please send this to;

32 Watermill Way
Merton Abbey Mills
Wimbledon, London
SW19 2RT

OR email us at info@skylerlondon.com

If you cancel your membership within the first 35 days, you agree to pay back any outstanding any savings your membership has given you* (See example below)

Skyler London can withdraw your Kaleidoscope offer at any time by giving one months notice. Notice can be given by email to the email account that you have given at time of signing up for this offer.

Skyler London have the right to withdraw the Kaleidoscope scheme at any time by giving one months notice. In this instance, notice would be displayed on this website. Additionally we would contact each member by email at the email address they have given us.

Lost Cards
If your card is lost or stolen, please notify us immediately. We can cancel the card and re-issue you with a new one. There will be an admin charge of £10 for replacing cards.


*Example of cancelling your membership in the first 35 days.

You have your hair coloured in Skyler London.
You bill should have been £180
But you don’t pay this as you join the Kaleidoscope plan.
Your chosen membership plan is only £130 so you save £50 immediately.
You then cancel your membership within 35 days. 
You are then required to repay the £50 you saved from being a Kaleidoscope member. 


Never worry about paying for your colour again with our fixed monthly direct debit plans. Choose one to suit your needs.
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